Regex with Code by Zapier to clean and reformat your phone number data

  • 16 April 2020
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Are you pulling phone number data in through a Zapier trigger and trying to format it before passing it into your Zapier action?


I work at a scheduling company and was trying to solve this problem because people use all sorts of characters, like hyphens, periods, parenthesis, spaces, and so forth. To make sure all phone numbers are formatted the same way, we wrote a zap sequence that will work as an intermediary step between any two approved Zapier apps. 


The python-regex portion of this solution will strip out all the unwanted characters so that only a string of numbers remains. This solution works best if you are formatting phone numbers for a single country. If anyone gets through the article and has thoughts on how that could be improved, I’m all ears. 


I provide the regex script about halfway down the page, if you want to skip straight to it. Here’s a link to the medium article with instructions, explanations, and screenshots on how to set it up:


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1 reply

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Thanks for sharing that solution, @OnlineScheduler!