Qualification process for rental real estate

  • 19 January 2022
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I’ve recently worked on a workflow for a couple of my clients in rental real estate and figured it’s worth sharing for inspiration. 

The typical qualification process with the agencies I’ve worked with were as follows: 

  1. 100+ leads came in through StreetEasy, Zillow, and other popular websites each day.
  2.  Every morning employees responded manually to each email that had come in with a series of questions to vet leads.
  3. Once the responses came in, employees rechecked numerous emails to see if any leads were qualified, many were not.

This process worked to some degree, but it also wasted hours of valuable time, and the company lost qualified leads because of the time delay from inquiry to outreach. After all that effort, the many lost and unqualified leads hurt employee morale. 
Here’s how the agency works now after automating this workflow:

  1. Their system captures lead information (Parseur) and sends an automatic form with qualifying questions minutes after submission (Keap). 
  2. The system captures the answers and calculates them to determine if the lead is qualified for the apartment in question. (Jotform, Formatter-Numbers-Math)
  3. Sales reps arrive in the morning to schedule showings with qualified leads only

Sales reps now work with interested and qualified leads only and save hours each day.

2 replies

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Oh! This is fantastic @Nate. Thank you for sharing.

We’re actually starting up a Real Estate focused user group and it would be wonderful if you’d be willing to talk about this a bit more in that group, especially around how you figured out the workflow logic and which applications to utilize. @jesse could tell you a bit more about the group and how we’d love to leverage your knowledge.

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Thank you @Jillian! I’m in touch with @jesse :)