NLA uses and issues

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 im trying to dive into Zapier Natural Language Actions today… this seems like a cool way to integrate AI into your Zap workflows…. if you have no clue what im talking about start here:

got my dev API key… literally as I was typing this out I figured out my issue so I’ll leave it here just in case this helps anyone:

///I first set up everything in the demo mode then made my Dev API key and it wasn’t working… make sure you set up your actions on the DEV side so your API key will work… in image below make sure to click on manage actions under the Dev App row//


Once you add in actions can you can call on these actions in your workflow…

For example first flow I made was link up find gmail and create a draft… I then ran the prompt (Find the last email from JC (my boss)) and draft a reply”  … having some glitches with what info the AI is actually putting in the body of the draft emails and wanted to see if anyone has had good success with this

I’m also looking for some creative uses or uses cases in general with the Natural Language Actions so if you've made a cool one or have a cool idea please share!


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