[New Integration] Ready-to-use automation actions

  • 19 January 2024
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Hey Zapier community!

We all love Zapier ❤️! It's like the Swiss Army knife for automating tasks.

There were times when I wished for additional actions that weren't there, and I didn't want to dive into the rabbit hole of complex workflows or coding.

That is why I created Tuulio, a Zapier companion app that adds ready-to-use automation actions that are currently lacking in the Zapier toolset.

Let me show you how it solved a problem!

Use case: Automation workflow for delivering tax receipts

Problem: The tax receipt's numerical amount should be reported in written letters

Solution: Tuulio has an automation action that takes a number and converts it to text

Let’s be honest, Tuulio isn't a magic wand yet, but if you're not a coding guru, it can help you get things done.

I have a gift for all Zapier friends 🎁! A free 1-year license for Tuulio with all the updates.

Use the following code: ZAPIERFRIENDS


Feel free to talk with me and let me know if there are any other automation actions that you wish you could use easily.

Thanks! Happy Zapping!

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