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Move a field from one Google sheet to another after 6 months

  • 27 January 2021
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Hi all,


Is there a way that I can have some fields move from one Google worksheet to another worksheet in the same Spreadsheet after 6 months have passed since the date in the field?


To give context, I want to create a zap to help me track inactivity from Meetup groups. So far, I’ve created a zap to put the Meetup event and date in a Google Spreadsheet, in the worksheet called active 6 months. After 6 months have passed, I would like to move the fields taken from Meetup to another worksheet called active 1 year, after that year has passed, I’d like to move the fields into a final worksheet called inactive. 

I’m having issues using time as a trigger for the zaps. Is this even possible?



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Hi @WillBMTP 

Do you mean move rows of data?



Use GSheet formulas



Concept is to have 4 tabs in 1 GSheet

MASTER: has all of the data

ACTIVE 6 MONTHS: has data for records newer than X

ACTIVE 1 YEAR: has data for records between X and Y

INACTIVE: has data for records older than X

Thanks @Troy Tessalone, I didn’t realise that I could use GSheet formulas. 

In the link you posted, it doesn’t seem clear that I can move fields from one sheet to another using a formula. Do you know what that formula would be or if it exists? Google isn’t being my friend! 

I think I’ve worked it out.


I’ve used IF and AND formulas to help organise my fields in the sheets. I’ve also filtered out FALSE fields so that I don’t see all of the events that are not in the right sheets. 

For example, an event that has happened within the last 6 months would appear in the active within the last 6 months sheet, but it would also appear in the active within the last year and inactive fields as “FALSE” 

I’ve set the sheets to hide all FALSE fields so I only see the fields with actual values in them