[Integration Update] "Advanced Utilities" will allow you to find *all matches* for a RegEx

  • 8 August 2020
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[Integration Update] "Advanced Utilities" will allow you to find *all matches* for a RegEx
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In this post, I’m happy to announce some updates to my Advanced Utilities integration. If you haven’t read my previous post where I introduced this integration, feel free to check it out here.

The new update introduces a new action called Extract Pattern (RegEx) which as the name states, allows you to find matches for a regular expression in an input text.

Unlike the built-in Formatter → Extract Pattern which will only return the first match, this action will find and return all matches. I noticed this feature was requested by many users so I thought it would be nice to add it to this integration.

Extract Pattern setup allows you to toggle RegEx flags as well
Extract Pattern action returns all matches for the given regex
Match information as can be seen on Regex101 website for the same regex

Also, this update includes some improvements to the Run JavaScript Code action. In my previous post, I mentioned that there was an issue with code highlighting, this issue has been fixed with this update.



I hope you find this helpful! If you want to add this integration, here’s the invite link: https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/112461/039174f595539444ce5c14e114c1dc1e/

5 replies

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Thank you man! this is just what i was looking for :D

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Does this app support Moment JS Time Zone?


If not, any consideration to adding that?


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@Troy Tessalone - I just did. You should be able to access it now starting from v2.1.1.

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@ikbelkirasan Great! Thank you!

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@ikbelkirasan Thank you so much for this contribution! Greatly appreciated.

I’m a regex noob and I am wondering if it is possible to extract only parts of a line? So for example:


- [ ] 12:15 – 12:45 [tab] Lunch [tab] Personal Calendar
- [ ] 12:45 – 13:30 [tab] Tech call - LYT event [tab] Work Calendar


- [ ] 12:15 [tab] Lunch
- [ ] 12:45 [tab] Tech call - LYT event


I know how to exclude the final tab and the characters that come after -- it’s the middle section (“ - \d\d:\d\d”) I would like to exclude as well. Can one do this with Regex? If not, could one use Zapier’s Formatter? Any suggestions would be appreciated!