HubSpot deal triggers no longer include contact ids

  • 27 November 2020
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Hello Guys i have found a way to associate deals with contacts (update : December 2020)

10 replies

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Share with us :)

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With pleasure : well following this topic :point_down_tone1:

 and btw thanks to the guy who brought it up in the first place because this is the only relevant discussion about the issue, on the net 

well first of all here is the complete process : 


As you can see the difference between my process and the others’ is that I added an extra step : Get deal in Hubspot ! Why ? because what I ve been facing is that the create deal step has the “properties to retrieve” feature but then in the create associations step it doesn’t recognize the deal’s ID


So what I did is create the deal then make zapier fetch for that deal, retrieve it s properties among them the ID then use it in the create associations step as follows : 



ID : 35…… is the Deal’s id and you use the one you got from the get the deal step , type of object : DEAL, One association - being associated with CONTACT, type of association : Deal to Contact, ID of the object : 401 which is the Contact’s ID and you use the one you got from the get the deal step


And here is the result : 


P.S 1 : you can do the same to associate a contact with a company, a ticket etc

P.S 2 : if you the association step bugs just add a delay of 1 minute before this step

P.S 3 : you can add extra steps - use case, calendly integration with hubspot : the phone number isn’t a contact information but a question answer so I added an extra step after the first step which is a trigger “contact is created in hubspot” (Because that’s what the integration calendly-hubspot does)

so in that trigger step I retrieve the contact properties among them the answer to my question, then use a update a contact in hubspot step to add that phone number into it’s proper field (phone number)


here is the process below : 


Thanks a lot everyone

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Here is the process below : (sorry the image didn’t get shared in my comment above


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@ameurj Great breakdown! Thank you for sharing! :)

@Zapier This is a more task consuming build than what previously existed for HubSpot (and still exists on the deprecated version). Not sure if this is a resource saving measure taken by you and HubSpot, but we (the end user) are paying for this with the poorer UX (it takes a lot more time to setup) and in task usage (the additional action steps increases task usage).

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Thanks for that extra info @ameurj! I did want to point out, though, that you shouldn’t need a Get Deal step after the Create Deal step.


As far as I can tell, you can get the exact same ID field from the step that creates the deal as you would from the step that finds it.

@JakeatGrantMe As for the extra step, I believe this is related to HubSpot updating their API. They own and maintain the Zapier integration, so if you’re looking for an exact reason why that “association” step is necessary (assuming that’s what you were referring to), your best bet would be to reach out to their Support team.

But that extra Get Deal step should not be needed, reducing the task usage by 1, at least.

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Hello @nicksimard i know that we shouldn’t but if you set up the exact same process without that extra step it doesn’t work even if it is the same ID .. it was discussed in another post that was closed so I had to create this one 


this is the only solution to make it work and as @JakeatGrantMe  stated it used to work before some updates

Hi all - I am looking for company IDs on new deals created. Zapier said there is a feature request for this, but in the mean time how are others handling this? I created 

to log thoughts on this.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

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@ameurj Any chance you could post a screenshot of the get a deal step?


I seem to have this all working except for pulling in the “Id's Of The Objects The From Object Is Being Associated With”


I’ve tried to pull this in from the create contact step as well as the IDs that it gives me to start with. They all seem to fail. Do I need somehow to get a contact ID in the get a deal step? Right now the only properties I’m retrieving is the deal ID


Thanks for the detailed steps though! I’m close, what a pain to have to do it this way.