How to delete spreadsheet row with Google Sheets without making a blank row.

  • 7 April 2022
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So read a few people have this problem.
I wanted a monday board that everytime it updated to only show the list of ones with the field “ready”. and when that changed to “closed”. delete it.

That sheet is then viewed by people.  But looks a mess with all the gaps from deletions


I wanted to share a work around.

I made another sheet using the importrange feature in sheets to pull all the data into this new sheet.
Set up a filter on all columns and rows.  remove blanks from one of the filters.

There you now have a clean list.  hope this helps someone in the future

2 replies

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Thank you for sharing @Mattchoo! I definitely think this will be helpful to others in the future, so we’re super glad you posted it here. :)

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Hi @Mattchoo 

Another alternative it to use an Airtable Base instead of GSheets as it solves for some of the shortcomings of using GSheets in Zaps.