How to automate sharing Google Docs permissions with Airtable

  • 21 January 2022
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How to never have to deal with asking for Google Docs permissions again.

Here is the outline of our Zap:

Zapier Outline of Google Docs & Airtable Permission Settings Automation

1. TRIGGER: An Airtable form with a field to paste a Google Doc URL

Airtable Form example
  1.  Set the Action Event to: Add File Sharing Preference

Google Drive Action Event: Add File Sharing Preference
  1. Choose your Sharing Preference:

  1. Add Zapier Text Formatter Action Step: Extract URL:

  1. Select your prefered ESP (Email Service Provider) for the Action. We’re using Gmail in this example.

Let’s add the URL to the Body of the Gmail Action step:

  1. And here’s an example of a test email w/ the URL to a doc you can now edit:

You can customize this any way you want. The key is having the Google Drive Edit Add File Sharing Preference permission Action Step. 

I hope this helps 😄

3 replies

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@happyzappin thanks for sharing! I’m sure folks will find this handy!


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Hi @happyzappin' 

What is the purpose of Step 3 (Formatter)?
Why can’t the link returned from Step 2 (GDrive) be used in Step 4 (Gmail), and the Formatter step removed?