[GUIDE] How to Troubleshoot Zaps - Top Tips & Tricks

  • 23 November 2021
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[Guide] How to Troubleshoot Zaps - Top Tips & Tricks


To troubleshoot like an expert, try these tips & tricks...

  1. Check the Zap is ON.
    1. https://zapier.com/app/zaps
  2. Check the app authentications/connections.
    1. https://zapier.com/app/connections
  3. Check the Zap Runs.
    1. https://zapier.com/app/history/
  4. Check the Zapier Status page for incidents.
    1. https://status.zapier.com/
  5. Check the apps Status pages for incidents.
    1. Example: https://status.airtable.com/
  6. View the Zap Details to see the Change History.
    1. https://zapier.com/help/manage/history/review-zap-details
  7. Does the Zap step have to correct app connection selected?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/create/basics/set-up-your-zap-action#connect-your-account
  8. Will the Zap NOT turn ON?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/manage/organize/manage-your-zaps#understand-zap-statuses
  9. Does the Zap auto turn OFF?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/manage/organize/manage-your-zaps#understand-zap-statuses
  10. Does your Zapier account plan have a valid funding source?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/account/billing-pricing/how-to-pay-for-your-zapier-account#what-happens-if-the-payment-fails
  11. Do you need to upgrade your Zapier account plan?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/account/billing-pricing/change-or-cancel-your-zapier-plan
  12. Are you over your Task limit for the current billing cycle on your Zapier account plan?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/manage/history/learn-about-tasks-in-zapier#step-2
  13. Do you have Held Tasks?
    1. https://zapier.com/help/manage/history/view-and-manage-your-zap-history#holding
  14. Try changing the Zap trigger test data to configure the Zap.
    1. https://zapier.com/help/create/basics/change-the-test-data-in-your-zap-trigger
  15. Try turning the Zap ON and testing live.
    1. https://zapier.com/help/troubleshoot/behavior/zap-trigger-test-fails#create-a-new-item-in-your-trigger-app
  16. Try to “Skip Test” on a Zap Step.
    1. Press the “Skip Test” link on the ‘Test Action’ section of a Zap step.
  17. Try to “Re/Test & Review” a Zap Step results.
    1. https://zapier.com/help/create/basics/set-up-your-zap-trigger#test-your-trigger
  18. Check the apps being used in the Zap have the proper permissions/settings/plan.
    1. Example: https://zapier.com/help/doc/how-get-started-airtable-zapier
  19. Check the Zap app profile page help articles.
    1. Example: https://zapier.com/apps/airtable/help
  20. Check the app’s help documentation.
    1. Example: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/206785897-Using-Zapier-to-integrate-Airtable-with-other-apps-and-services
  21. Reference an app’s API/webhook documentation.
    1. Example: https://www.airtable.com/developers/scripting/api
  22. Are you testing correctly?
    1. Be clear on the use case you are testing.
  23. Does the mapped variable have a proper value for the field?
    1. Check for blanks or wrong value formats.
  24. Is your internet down?
    1. Check if you can connect from another device.
  25. Is the internet down?
    1. Check if you can connect from another device.


When all else fails, try these…

  1. Try Google Searches on the topic.
    1. Search with “zap” or “zapier”.
  2. Check social media for help.
    1. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are great resources.
  3. Try searching topics and/or posting a topic in the Zapier Community.
    1. https://community.zapier.com/
  4. Try opening a ticket with Zapier Support.
    1. https://zapier.com/app/get-help
  5. Consider hiring a Zapier Expert.
    1. https://zapier.com/experts


Tips and Inspiration contributed by: Troy Tessalone - Automation Ace

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cc: @nicksimard 

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I shared this in our Zapier users group on Facebook and tagged you there. Thanks for sharing, @Troy Tessalone!