[GUIDE] How to Trigger a Zap from a Twilio Studio Flow

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[GUIDE] How to Trigger a Zap from a Twilio Studio Flow



Here’s a guide for how to trigger a Zap from a Twilio Studio Flow.


Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook
    1. This is generate the webhook URL to place in the Twilio Studio Flow
  2. Action: (up to you)


Twilio Studio Flows

About Twilio Studio: https://www.twilio.com/docs/studio

You’ll need to first configure your Flow in Twilio Studio.


To trigger the Zap, you’ll use this Widget: Make HTTP Request


Configure the Widget

  1. Set the Widget Name
    1. Or leave a default value
  2. Set the Request Method to POST
  3. Set the Request URL as the webhook URL from the Zap trigger step
  4. Set the Content Type as Form URL Encoded
  5. You can leave the Request Body empty
  6. Add optional HTTP Parameters
    1. Screenshot below shows 3 that would come from a Twilio Studio Flow that is triggered by an Incoming Message (aka SMS)
      1. To
      2. From
      3. Message



  1. Zaps
    1. Make sure to test your Zap
    2. Make sure to turn your Zap ON
    3. Check your Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot
  2. Twilio Studio Flow
    1. Make sure to test your Twilio Studio Flow
    2. Make sure to Publish your Twilio Studio Flow
    3. Every Twilio Studio Flow has Logs to help you troubleshoot


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