[GUIDE] How to do Sequential Looping Iterations in Zap Steps

  • 19 January 2024
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[GUIDE] How to Process Zap Looping Iterations in Sequential Order


Contribution by Troy Tessalone

Troy is a Certified Zapier Expert who puts Programmable Productivity to work for YOU!



By default, the Looping app runs loop iterations in parallel (aka at the same time).

But, there are cases when you need the loop iterations to run in sequential order. (e.g. loop iteration 1, then loop iteration 2, and so on.)

Here’s how to do that in your Zap steps.





  1. Trigger: UP TO YOU! (required)
  2. Action: UP TO YOU! (optional)
  3. Action: Looping - Line Items
    1. FREE TASK
  4. Action: Formatter - Numbers - Perform Math Operation
    1. FREE TASK
  5. Action: Delay - For
    1. FREE TASK
  6. Action: UP TO YOU! (required)




Help: https://zapier.com/apps/looping/help



Help: https://zapier.com/apps/formatter/help


Loop Iteration / Loop Total Iterations


e.g. If there are 5 items to iterate:

  • Loop 1 = 1/5 or .2
  • Loop 2 = 2/5 or .4
  • Loop 3 = 3/5 or .6
  • Loop 4 = 4/5 or .8
  • Loop 5 = 5/5 or 1




Map the Output variable from the Formatter step to the Time Delay For (value) input.

Help: https://zapier.com/apps/delay/help


Now your Zap Run loop iterations will run in sequential order!

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