From NeonCRM event registration, add new attendee to Whova?

  • 13 January 2022
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Goal: When a person registers for a NeonCRM event, I would like to automatically create the person as an attendee in Whova.

I set up a workflow in NeonCRM to create a new, completed activity in the person’s individual account record in NeonCRM when the register for an event. When creating the zap, I can see my test activity and a few additional fields for the activity. I also authenticated to Whova & can see the current event.


But, the ‘zap’ does not seem to be able to see the first name/last name/email field from the account that is associated with the activity; this is stopping the required fields from being passed to Whova to set up the new attendee in the event app.

The first name/last name/email 1 fields are selectable in the field drop down, but they say ‘no data’.


Can the zap not read the account fields the activity is tied to? How do I pass the account fields through to Whova?


Between activity trigger step, and create/update in Whova step, add another “find account in NeonCRM step”

The Whova step cannot read the account data from the activity, but it can use the activity, to look up the associated account, to then send to Whova.


(this is the opposite flow someone else was trying to create a few months ago “add new Whova attendee to NeonCRM”)

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Thanks for sharing this tip @NAYEN-conference!