Format Multiple Fields in a Single Step (e.g. upper case, lower case, proper case)

  • 18 July 2019
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Let's say you need to format multiple fields from a step, like the output of an email parser trigger, for example.

So you have this coming from your Zap step:



Employer: ZAPIER

And you don't want to use a bunch of steps just to get those to be: Nick Simard, United States, Zapier.

You can use Formatter to make those into line items, process them all using the formatting option you need, then make them back into text. But that's 3 steps each time, and there's an easier way :)

Google Sheets to the rescue!

1) Set Up a Google Sheet

You'll need one column per field you want to format.

2) Set Up Your Zap

In this example we'll use proper to capitalize the first letter of each word.

google-sheets-proper.pngNotice that the formula goes directly into the field in your Zap, then you map the words that you want to format.

3) Use the Output of the Google Sheets Step

Now you can use your formatted text in whichever step(s) you need.

use-formatted-text.pngThis is not limited to just formatting the case of your text. You can use other formulas from Google Sheets so that the work is done there but you then get to use the output right within your Zap!

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2 replies

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This is really interesting, Nick! I bet there are tonnes of ways that you could use this :)

Ooh, how about a TRUE/FALSE conditional formula. That could make it easier to set up tricky filters like 'only continue if all three values are the same'.

Has anyone else got any thoughts on how to get creative with formula in Google Sheets?

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Well, that did not take long. A member for 30 seconds and already a great tip. Thank you. I did not know you could include a formula in the data Zapped to sheets. I had tried using formulas in a Sheet populated by a Zap but had an issue with the "new row" added by a "not found" search not having the formula. No more! Brilliant.