Filter by Accepted/Declined Events on Google Calendar

  • 26 March 2024
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I found a solution for controlling whether or not a Zap runs based on the status of the event (Accepted/Declined). Note that this would only work consistently for the status of the person who created the event. This is perfect for me since I wanted my Zap to only trigger when I had NOT declined an event. 

This may not be the perfect solution, but it was more than I had found, and hopefully helps others.

 Using a Format step, followed by a conditional, I was able to accomplish this:

The format step is necessary because “Attendees Response Status” contains a list of all statuses in a list, like “accepted, declined, accepted...”. And only the first status reflects that of the event creator.



Then the conditional is pretty simple, this could be done differently depending on what kind of behavior you’re looking for: 

Here are some old posts that attempted to solve this in other ways: 



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