Facebook Lead Ads not triggering for new leads, pulling in sample or other issues? Here's a guide to help you!

  • 23 October 2022
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Hi everyone! 🖐

Do you have a Facebook Lead Ads Zap no longer triggering, a page not showing up and/or are you not able to pull in sample data? Then this post is for you!


Facebook Lead Ads permissions can be complex to navigate. While we have dedicated help documentation for this, it can still prove a challenge to set it up. Below you’ll find the needed permissions to use the Facebook Lead Ads integration (please note this is different for the Facebook Lead Ads for Business admins app integration!).

Manage Page access


Manage Ad Account


Leads Access


CRM Access

Location: same as Leads Access

Note: The Facebook Page Owner or Business Manager can assign the “Zapier” app (not “Zapier Inc.”) as a CRM (1) or otherwise click on “Restore default access” > confirm (and not click on “Customize” after (2).


Business Tools

Location: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools&ref=settings

Note: Zapier still be an active business integration AFTER a new connection (see below) has been added. If you click on “View and edit”, all permissions should have been granted.

New Connection

Note: whenever you update permissions, this requires a new connection to be added in the Zap. Once a NEW connection has been added, make sure to select it from the dropdown and then publish the Zap for the changes to take effect.

Screenshot: view larger

Page still not showing up?

If the required permissions have been provided, you have a lot of Facebook pages and the page is still not showing up, find the Facebook page ID and set it as a custom value:

Screenshot: view larger

Other tips

  • Unless all the leads forms are exactly the same, you’ll want to use one Zap per lead form. This is because each lead form, when triggered, the Facebook Leads Ads API will send the data in a different structure/key-value pairs–and will cause issues with your Zaps.
  • When editing a lead form in Facebook, a copy is made. As this is a different lead form (which has a different lead form ID), you’ll want to select the form in the trigger step.


I hope that helps!

If you’re still experiencing issues, please let us know at: https://zapier.com/app/get-help.

All the best,

~ Leo

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2 replies

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Are there different permissions needed for when you are a partner on the account? We’re an agency model and aren’t added under our clients’ user accounts but share assets via the partner feature. 

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Hey @Josh Stike

I had a look at this and from what I understand, the Partner feature allows you to connect a business manager account, is that correct? When testing this out with test page, owned by A, I could assign business manager account B. When I switched to BM account B, I could then assign a person C to the permissions on page A.

Which likely indicates that if the partner B has full access to BM account owned by A, partner B will need to assign the needed permissions to a person C, to make sure that C can set up a Zap to trigger on leads from page A.

To note: this is currently a theory, and it might not work as I don’t have intricate insight into the permissions/scopes required for this. That said, feel free to test this out and use the above documentation to attempt to make this work. If you manage to get this to work, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to update this post and the help documentation to account for this configuration as well.

Thanks in advance!