Expert Explains: What is a Webhook? 🪝

  • 10 February 2022
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Expert Explains: What is a Webhook? 🪝


Definition: A webhook is an instant notification from one app to another app when an event happens in the origin app, and includes a data payload sent to the destination app.


Webhooks are used to trigger Zaps when there is a new event with data in the origin app.
This is known as an Instant trigger type in Zaps.
Zaps with Instant triggers are labeled as ‘Instant’ on your dashboard and in the Zap editor.


Example Event: Contact Created

Example Payload:

  1. Contact ID
  2. Contact Name - First
  3. Contact Name - Last
  4. Contact Email
  5. Contact Phone


App: Webhooks by Zapier




Learn More:


The other type of Zap trigger is known as a scheduled polling trigger:


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