Delaying a Zap for a year

  • 12 September 2020
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Hi Zapier Community,

As stated in the title, I’m looking to get an action to trigger after a year. 

To be accurate, I set up a learning quiz using LearnDash and I’m looking for a way to send an email a year after it gets successfully completed. Because LearnDash works well with Zapier, it would be convenient to find a way to solve my problem using it.

Upon reading the documentation from this article, I understand that a delay can only be scheduled for up to a month in Zapier and I should look for another way to do what I want.

However, if someone has an idea on how to bypass this or can recommend an alternative solution I would be grateful to hear it.

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1 reply

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Hey there! 

Chelsey from Zapier Support here! You could potentially do this using two Zaps. The first Zap would trigger when a Learndash Quiz is completed, and you could use something like this: 

  1. LearnDash: Quiz Completed
  2. Formatter by Zapier: Date / Time
  3. Google Calendar: Create Detailed Event

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The above would need to use a formatter step to calculate 1 year from the date that the Quiz is completed, and use that as the Date/Time of the event in Google Calendar. Then, you could trigger a second Zap using Google Calendar’s Event Start

  1. Google Calendar: Event Start
  2. Gmail: Send Email

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I hope these help!