Create more Effective Multi-Channel Communication

  • 26 August 2021
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Creating more Effective Multi-Channel Communications inside a Multi-Staged Workflow in a Digital World requires cut through communications. Zapier enables this IF you have the right approach. 

The benefits of doing this WELL is amazing. With our clients we have seen more than 30-50% increase response rate because we staged the communications and created continuous contact methodology across multiple channels. 

Think about if you saw a google advertisement, then saw a facebook advertisement, then clicked on the advertisement to see if it was interesting. From there you might request an info booklet. Now you have something to work with. How do you get a purchase, or get them to come into the store, or attend an open home. Well that depends on your outcome but simply put, persistence and good re-marketing. I am talking about using social media and web pixels but more importantly pushing the lead down a funnel to a sale. 


Let's say you capture their info for sending the info booklet off facebook. Then you can do the following steps as they are appropriate and at the right timing. 


  1. Push the lead from facebook into a lead table in airtable or
  2. Send the booklet or info via email
  3. Wait a period of time and SMS from your mobile number (or a staff members responsible for the lead)
  4. Leave a voicemail on the leads mobile with specific details or a call to action - “Voicemail Realm
  5. Follow up with an article or interesting testimonials / user case
  6. Leave another voicemail
  7. Email call to action  or Initiate a conversation on Facebook Messenger


All the while the info sits in Airtable or for interaction and processing. The number of steps and timing is important and depends on the industry, the product or service and how you want them to behave or take action. 

We see great results IF it is setup properly. 


Hope this helps. 


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