COVID-19 screening forms for a bulk list of employees

  • 11 June 2020
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So, the need that we heard about was for Covid 19 screening forms for employees and visitors to US places of business. Every morning at 6 am the plan was to send out the forms to all employees who were on the list. They had to complete the form and if they were high risk based on answers then HR is notified. If they are low risk, they got a pass to show up. 

Solution: Zapier’s new schedule function as a Zap runs each morning at 6am. This Zap begins a workflow for the HR person to update the spreadsheet and click to run a google script! The google script pulled names and emails from the google sheet and sent over to OnTask. 

OnTask sent out the forms to all that were on the list to fill out and sign. 

Conditional routing in OnTask sent them to HR or gave them the all clear and reported this all back to HR. 


As U.S. businesses reopen, what are you all doing around Covid-19 contact tracing, screening, et cetera? 

Using Zapier for anything related to your plan? 


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