Are you having trouble receiving emails from Zapier?

  • 6 March 2020
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Try the below tips to help retrieve your Zapier emails:

Check your email’s Spam folder

  • Take a look in your Spam folder to see if the email has accidentally been sent there If you locate our emails, simply unmark them as spam and move them to an alternate folder (Inbox, Zapier, etc). This should prevent any future Zapier messages from being flagged by your email provider. 
  • You can also ‘whitelist’ the domain so that any emails that end in will make it to your inbox. If your email is provided by your company, you may need to speak to your IT team about this.

Search all of your emails

  • Use your email’s search function to look for any emails from an address that ends in ‘’. If you have rules that send emails to different folders, make sure that those from are sent to your inbox. 

Confirm the correct email address is linked to your Zapier account:

  • The email address used when you sign up for Zapier is your account email address. Zapier will send all alerts about activity on your account, and any email newsletters you’ve subscribed to, to this email address. 
  • Learn how to update or change your Zapier account email here.
  • Note: If you used your Google account to sign up for Zapier, you must first set a new password and disconnect your Google account before you can change your account email address.

Check your Zapier email notification settings:

  • Learn how to manage your email notifications here.

Do you have a tip that helped you recover or receive Zapier emails again? Please leave a comment below:

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