Another 2.5 minutes saved per Zap

  • 28 January 2022
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A colleague asked for my help to reduce the amount of steps it takes for those on the her team to setup an environment for new projects. These steps currently take about 2.5 minutes each time they get a new project. The steps include...

1. Open appropriate Google Drive folder
2. Name the folder by copy/pasting the project name
3. Create a shortcut pointing to the original Quote Request sheet provided by client
4. Create an internal version of the Quote Request prefaced with [INTERNAL] in the name

So, I got to work and created a Zap which is triggered via an Alchemer form that the point person on her team fills out with the following information...

1. Project Name
2. Project Code
3. Link to Quote Request Sheet
4. Team member's email

Zapier monitors Alchemer and once a form is submitted, it then does all of the above work on behalf of the form submitter. An email is sent to the submitter once the bot is done which includes a link to the new folder.

Here's the diagram of the workflow…


1 reply

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Thanks so much for sharing this, @donovanwatts