[Advanced] Trigger Zaps instantly from Airtable buttons

  • 21 December 2021
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Have you ever wanted to just hit a button in Airtable to trigger your workflow -- instantly? Learn how in 4 minutes.

Most people set up Zaps that have a built-in Airtable trigger. The problem is — these are NOT “instant”. They can take up to 15 minutes to fire depending on your Zapier plan. That’s insane.

This video shows you how to do it INSTANTLY, with webhooks.



• Airtable base (read-only): https://airtable.com/shr96FLWu0bQxPrhV

• Airtable script w/ instructions: https://gist.github.com/arthurwuhoo/f...

• Zapier workflow (read-only): https://zapier.com/shared/32be81f107c...

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