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  • 2 January 2023
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I'd like to share an idea about mark dependences of zap actions. 

  1. Working in zap we delete and edit its actions . Deleting or editing an action will delete or change its output. To easily find out which actions depend on the output of a particular action, it would be helpful to have some indication of this relationship. For example, we could include a mark next to the action's title that shows the numbering of actions that use the output of that action. Similarly, it would also be useful to see which actions provide input to a particular action. Please see the screenshot attached. For instance, if action #8 depends on actions #1 and #3, and actions #9 and #11 depend on the output of action #8, this relationship could be shown visually on the interface. So, as soon as you will delete the output of action #8 from actions #9 and #11, at the output block of action #8 there would be nothing.
  2. Also it would be convenient to mark actions, where some hardcode is used, because we used to forget to fix it before publishing. So I have places !! in the action title. 

I would appreciate any feedback. 

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2 replies

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Wow that’s cool !

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Hi @rnbparty! Thanks for sharing this idea- it would certainly be handy. I’ve passed it along to our internal product team!