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  • 3 February 2021
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Posts in this category should be conversational in nature, meaning that you’re not looking to get help from anyone or ask questions. It’s meant to offer a place to share tips, tricks, use cases, best practices, and workflows with your fellow Community members.

You might be thinking…

But, I don’t know enough to bother sharing.

Not true! Everyone is capable of providing information, because nobody else has the precise experience and ideas that you do. Also, there will always be someone who is less experienced with Zapier than you and who could benefit from your knowledge :grinning: Share something you could have benefited from last week.

Everyone else probably already knows what I’m thinking of sharing.

There is SO much to know about Zapier, combining different apps, using advanced features, coming up with clever workarounds, etc. Don’t assume that your ideas are common knowledge. You might be surprised at how many people you can help by sharing!

What if what I share isn’t accurate?

That’s not the end of the world. The Community team monitors posts and so do our external moderators and other users. If something isn’t quite right, it’s a learning experience for everyone. We’re a nice bunch here, so nobody should be mean about it. If they are, we’ll handle it :wink:

My tip is basic and not about something complex like webhooks or code.

Again, while it’s great to get tips about things that are complicated and require a lot of trial and error or expertise, we’ve all seen tips here that simply never occurred to us. Even tips that seem simple to you could be eye-opening to someone else.

My use case is specific to me and probably won’t help anyone else.

You’d be surprised! Zapier has thousands and thousands of active users, so chances are that you’re not the only person who uses App X with App Y to accomplish workflow Z. Just think how grateful you would be if you came here and someone had laid out the exact process you’re looking to put together!

The Bottom Line

We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing in the Show & Tell forum, so please don’t let that little voice inside your head convince you that what you have to offer isn’t valuable!

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