Zapier now available in Microsoft Teams!

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Zapier now available in Microsoft Teams!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched an app for Microsoft Teams. You can now view, create, and edit Zaps right within Teams.

Zapier now available in Teams

What’s new?

In addition to viewing, creating, and editing your Zaps, we’ve added new Triggers & Actions (more to come!):


  • (New) New Mention
  • (New) New Member
  • New Chat (new DM started)
  • New Channel Created
  • New Message Posted to Channel
  • New Message in Chat


  • (New) Send Direct Message
  • Post Message to Channel
  • Create Channel


How to get started

You can install it by visiting the Apps directory in Teams and searching for Zapier or by viewing it online. If you don’t see the app listed in Teams, check with your Tenant Admin to ensure RSC-enabled apps are allowed (link with details). Also, only Team Owners can install it for the whole team, but all users can install it as a personal app.


What’s next? You tell us!

This is just the beginning of our updates to Microsoft Teams so please let us know how you’re using Teams in the comments below.

This is great. Is it yet possible to @ mention ppl in text posted to Teams?

Hi @chriswright ,

I just replied in your other thread about mentions, and no, we don’t support @mentions when posting to Channels yet but we’re working on it. Thanks for the suggestion. 

+1 for @mention ppl

We’ve opened a feedback forum where you can submit and vote on ideas. It will be open until the end of the year and will help us shape what features we should add. 

Feel free to submit as many ideas as you like. We will review it weekly and let you know which ones we can add soon. @mention support is at the top of the list! What should we do next?

Hi all 👋

We’re happy to announce that today we launched support for mentioning users when posting to channels. It’s available to all Teams users that have the Zapier app installed in Teams

To mention team members, put their display name, email, or userID between “at” tags. For example, you could use <at>Jane Doe</at>, <at></at>, or <at>jane-doe-user-id</at> to mention a team member "Jane Doe".

Hope that works well—please let us know if you have any feedback or further suggestions!

Can you set the priority of Chat messages?  MS Teams Chat allows for Standard, Important and Urgent. 

I cant access the above form either.

I am not able to send a message to a Microsoft Teams “private” channel from the Zapier. Other channels work correctly. Can someone help? Thank you!

I am not able to send a message to a Microsoft Teams “private” channel from the Zapier. Other channels work correctly. Can someone help? Thank you!

Hi there, thanks for writing to us! At this time, Microsoft Teams does not allow messages to be sent to a private channel. I’ve upvoted your feature request so that our team knows it’s in demand. Thanks!

What about mentioning a channel? does that work? I would like to notify everyone in a channel vs. just 1 person. Any plans to allow to incorporate teams emojis into messages? why can’t i insert the appropriate microsoft teams code like (fire) and have that show up in channel when my message is zapped through?

Is the ability to post to a private channel in Microsoft Teams not yet implemented in Zapier?

Thank you.

That’s correct, @AK0727. I’ve added your vote to the feature request we have open for the ability to post to private channels in Microsoft Teams. 

I don’t have an ETA to share on this, but we’ll be in touch by email as soon as it get’s implemented! :)