Zap Versions just got even better!

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Zap Versions just got even better!

A couple of months ago, Zapier released Versions, enabling users to save multiple versions of a Zap to refer back to later. 

Today, we're making Versions even more powerful, by providing more details about each version of a Zap.

Note: This feature is only available to Zapier customers on paid plans. 

Introducing Version Preview 

With Version Preview, you can see what changed within each version of a Zap.

Here's how it works: 

  • Select the version you want to review from the Zap editor sidebar.
  • Click on any step in the editor to inspect the details of that version.  


Coming Soon: Version Rollback

Soon, paying customers will be able to compare two versions side by side, as well as roll back to any previous versions of Zaps (I can’t wait).

Want to give Version Rollback a try?

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