What's New: 25 new triggers & actions for March 2024

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What's New: 25 new triggers & actions for March 2024

Hey Zapier community! This past month was filled with 320 improvements across the board. We've been hard at work, focusing on what makes our integrations and Zaps not just better, but a notch above the rest, all for you.

It’s our pleasure to spotlight a fraction of these developments, specifically focusing on 25 new triggers and actions that respond to some of the most frequent requests and commonly used apps within our ecosystem.



Spotlight on 25 new triggers & actions

In the last month, we’ve added 177 new features to support your favorite apps. Dive into 25 of our latest improvements designed to supercharge your automated workflows:

  • Intercom's "Send message to contact" action kickstarts seamless communication, bringing you closer to your users.
  • Zapier's "File from text" action transforms text snippets into files, streamlining your document management.
  • now boasts Custom Actions, enabling more personalized workflow automation within its versatile platform.
  • Asana shines with two updates: "Find task in workspace" action for pinpoint task location, and triggers for "Completed subtask" and "new comment on a task," keeping your project management sharp.
  • Stripe's "Create invoice" action simplifies transaction documentation, ensuring your financial workflows are meticulous.
  • Discord joins the party with a "New mention" trigger, ensuring you never miss a beat in your community interactions.
  • BigQuery's "Find row supports create row" action adds a layer of efficiency in managing your data, perfect for those intricate database tasks.
  • Klaviyo ramps up your email marketing with a suite of actions: from "Send campaign" to "Unsubscribe user," and more, making subscriber management a breeze.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook enhance email and calendar functionalities with new triggers like "New attachment," "New email in folder," and "New flagged email," ensuring you're always on top of your communications.
  • Pipedrive enriches CRM capabilities with "Add label to person" and "Find multiple deals" actions, organizing your sales efforts more effectively.
  • Zendesk's "Tag Added to User" action fine-tunes your support interactions, providing a more tailored user experience.

These updates represent our ongoing commitment to offering you a platform that not only meets but exceeds your automation needs. Whether it's refining existing workflows or discovering new ways to automate, these 25 new triggers and actions open up a realm of possibilities.

Why these updates matter

The enhancements we’re highlighting here underscore our dedication to evolving alongside your needs, ensuring Zapier provides you with all of the required automation tools you need. While these 25 new features and actions are tailored to address common requests and enhance frequently used apps, they represent only a part of our broader effort to continually update your apps.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here's to making every workday more productive.

Happy Zapping!

-Nick Dowdle, Product Marketing Manager - AI & Ecosystem

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