We've revamped updates/announcements in the Zapier Community :)

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We've revamped updates/announcements in the Zapier Community :)

👋 Hi there! I wanted to take a second to let you know that we’ve changed how we present updates/announcements in the Community. They used to appear under the Forum section, much like these areas currently do:


It worked fine, but the Community platform we use actually has a separate functionality that is built specifically for updates. It has a few advantages, compared to using a forum category:

1) The updates always appear in chronological order, with the most recent one at the top. The forum defaults to posts with the most recent activity, like this:


2) We can add updates to specific categories, which you can then easily filter by:


3) Individual posts on the Updates page have a nice large featured image, and display the category, making it easy to scan quickly in order to see what might interest you:


4) The Updates page itself is much more customizable than forum categories are, including the sidebar. We can things like this to the page, if we choose to :)


We now also have a link directly to the Updates page, in our main menu:


AND we updated our featured images to be a bit more descriptive, rather than just saying “What’s New”:


We hope to provide more Community-related updates as well (like this one), letting you know what’s going on right here in the Zapier Community! 

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