We've added Version History for your Zaps!

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We've added Version History for your Zaps!

Hey Zapiens! I’m so excited to announce our new Versions feature! It officially launches at ZapConnect, and if you aren’t already signed up, you’re missing out. This comes as excellent news to our Team and Company plans and will be available to all paying customers

Version History is just one of three cool sub-features of Versions. While the other two are coming soon, we couldn’t wait any longer to get this out, as we’re just as excited as you! Version History is an audit log of changes in a Zap. This means, you can refer back to an old version of a Zap, thus the ability to have multiple versions of any Zap, hassle free. 😉 

If you take a peak at your sidebar of the Editor, you’ll see a new Versions tab that will be visible to all users in both read-only and edit mode. Versions will be stored dating back to September 27, 2022. For each version, users will be able to see; who published the original version, an auto-generated version number, optional version description, and the date & time it was published. 

Pretty cool right? Well, I’ve got one more neat thing to share. Not only does the most recent edit jump to the top of the Version History list, but you also have the option to give versions your own custom description on edits for yourself or your teammates. 

These key features are sure to help power users that are creating and editing business-critical Zaps and teams that are looking to troubleshoot Zaps that aren’t working when the owner is OOO. Want to learn more? Check this out. 

Keep checking back for an update on our two remaining feature releases. What are you most excited about? Let us know below! 

Just so I am clear - as of right now, we don’t yet have the ability to see the actual configurations of the previous versions, or to roll back to them. Is that right?

Hi @David Smedberg, the ability to view configurations of previous versions and rollback will actually be coming at a later date. Apologies for any confusion!

If you still can't rollback to a previous version, this function is useful but it is still very limited.

I don’t understand what the point of this is as a feature if it’s not possible to roll back to previous versions of a Zap? Wouldn’t that be the whole point of a version history…?

Zapier is soooooo slow to introduce basic features, it’s really frustrating. The fact that in 2023 we can’t roll back to a previous version is unbelievable.

As a public company Zapier has become slow and cumbersome. The product feels old and clunky compared to many others.

Classic enterprise software - we are locked in due to switching costs being too high to a service that no longer innovates.

Very disappointed customer here who is on a $500 per month plan.


Hey @jacp, @climbingvan and @Sosa! 👋

I totally get where you’re all coming from here. Being able to review the set up of previous versions and being able to roll back to different versions is something I’d personally find super useful! As Chanelle mentioned in the update, Version History is more of an audit log at present allowing you to see who has made changes to your Zaps.

@Sosa, with the plan pricing that’s always going to be a difficult one to get right. There are so many different factors to take into account, so it’s tricky to get it right for everyone. But thank you for taking the time to share this helpful feedback with us.  

We’re always looking to improve Zapier so I’ve passed on everyone’s comments here to the product team for consideration. We can’t give any ETA’s as to when those features will be available but they are currently in development so they are definitely coming soon!

Last night we had an issue where it keeps saving a new, blank version as the live version… The V1 has 18 steps, but the live version it updated to has 2 steps… Can you force a rollback? Hopefully this bug doesn’t happen again, as this was a lengthy process to build.