We've added two new source apps to Transfer by Zapier: Zoho CRM and Cvent

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We've added two new source apps to Transfer by Zapier: Zoho CRM and Cvent

Great news! You can now use Transfer by Zapier to move data in bulk from Zoho CRM and Cvent to any of the 5,000+ apps Zapier supports.


Zoho CRM

We’ve added transfers for the following:

  • Module Entry


We’ve added transfers for the following:

  • Attendee Activity
  • Attendee
  • Contact
  • Event


Available Source Apps

With these 2 apps added, it brings the grand total of source apps to 35. See the updated list here

NOTE: Don’t see the source app you need? You can request it here :)

About Transfer

Transfer by Zapier lets you send critical data where you need it, when you need it—so you can ditch the manual data entry for good. It’s the simplest way to transfer information like leads, records, and more from months (or even years!) back in one go.

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It would be amazing if we could get Zoho Analytics as well…

For me specifically it would be extremely beneficial if we had the possibility to create a zap that will transfer data from HS to Zoho Analytics by being able to ‘add data to the table by adding records to at the end’ (or the other import options Zoho Analytics gives us

We could also then use the ‘schedule reoccurring if we report on a weekly/monthly basis which would automate reporting processes 😀😁

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