We're launching a new Google Forms integration

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We're launching a new Google Forms integration

Just a quick FYI post :)

Our integrations team is launching a new Google Forms app in January of 2022, but because it's built on a beta Google Forms API, we're launching with both apps alongside each other 

At launch:

  • The Beta app works with all forms without the need to set up a Google Sheets spreadsheet to collect responses first.
  • Instant triggers instead of polling
  • Does not yet support “Create Response” “Lookup Response” or “Find or Create Response.” If this is needed, use the previous version.
  • Eventually, when the Beta app becomes the only app, all Zaps using the previous version will be automatically migrated to the newest app.

    NOTE: As a Zapier user, you don’t need to actually do anything. It’s all automatic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or reach out to our fantastic Support team!

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