Transform your workday with OpenAI + Zapier

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Transform your workday with OpenAI + Zapier

Hi Zapier Community! We’re delighted to announce two OpenAI updates - the integration of GPTs + Zapier by OpenAI and the launch of AI Actions on Zapier which will support OpenAI’s Assistant API! This marks a giant stride towards making automation smarter, more intuitive, and tailored to your specific needs.

Here’s a quick peek into what’s rolling out:

AI Actions:

Ever wished you could build custom versions of ChatGPT that can read your docs, access your data or search the internet? Now you can with AI Actions! It’s a brilliant tool that lets you create a tailored version of ChatGPT, making it a perfect fit for your company or product.

Access to OpenAI’s Assistants API via new Actions in Zapier’s ChatGPT app:

We’re also introducing five new actions that open the doors to the Assistants API:

  • Create Conversations with Assistant
  • Create Assistant
  • Find Assistant
  • Upload File for Assistant
  • Find File with Assistant

The Assistants API is a treasure trove of functionalities that stand shoulder to shoulder with what GPTs offer.

Why This is Awesome:

  • Personalized Automation: Craft your own flavor of automation by tweaking ChatGPT to resonate with your brand’s tone and objectives. Each time you ping your custom GPT, you can get a tailored response. 
  • Enhanced Connectivity: With the Assistants API actions in the ChatGPT app on Zapier, you can handle everything from extracting specific information from a document, analyzing data in CSVs, to writing and executing code — seamlessly with your Zaps!

Get Started:

Curious to dive in? Check out our documentation to get started with GPTs and AI Actions

We’re super excited to see the amazing things you’ll create with these new tools. As always, your feedback is the compass that guides our innovation, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences right here in the Community.

Let’s continue making automation an exciting adventure together! 🚀

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