Transfer by Zapier: you can now schedule recurring transfers!

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Transfer by Zapier: you can now schedule recurring transfers!

We’ve built new functionality that allows you to define a schedule to run a Transfer on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cadence in addition to one-time runs. This work was highly requested, and now’s it’s available for all Zapier users!

Why did we build this?

You previously needed to manually re-run Transfers, adding friction to your workflows. This new feature is important in removing manual overhead, and empowering you and your teams by letting you automate your Transfer workflows.

What’s changing?

New option when creating Transfers:

  • There is a new option within the create Transfer workflow to select a one-time or scheduled Transfer. 
  • If you select the option to move data on a fixed schedule, you will see additional steps in the workflow asking you to select the desired frequency.



Updated transfer management:

  • New indicators are visible in the main Transfer workspace that differentiate which Transfers are on a fixed schedule and which are one-time runs.


  • Within the details page of a Transfer, you can see the current schedule and filters applied to the Transfer. You can also edit the Transfer schedule and filters applied.

Bringing this feature to life was truly a team effort! We’re just getting started, and scheduling transfers was a big one!

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