Run Zaps and Display the Results in the Zapier Chrome extension

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Run Zaps and Display the Results in the Zapier Chrome extension

Find yourself constantly switching tabs and copy-pasting data back and forth? Our latest improvement to the Zapier Chrome extension has a new action that can help you reduce context switching and stay in the zone.

With this new action, called Reply to Chrome, you can run a Zap from the Chrome extension and display the results—all without switching tabs.

Below are a few examples and shared Zaps to get you started.

Here’s an example of a Zap that posts to Twitter then displays a link to the Tweet itself (click here to try it for yourself):



Here’s an example of a Zap that runs from the Chrome extension, looks up a row in Google Sheets, then displays the results in the extension (try it for yourself).


The new action, called “Reply to Chrome”, will display right under the Zap in the Chrome extension. It supports basic formatting so you can include bold, italics, emoji, and even links!

Here are a few more shared Zaps for inspiration:

This is a brand new feature and we have more updates in the works so we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 

Thank you for all the feedback that helped us come up with this solution. We hope you find it useful!

This is bloody brilliant. So many possibilities. Might have to do a video about this for my YT channel. Thanks Lars

I would LOVE this for Safari/macOS. Not a Chrome fan :-(

Is there any way that the results box could be saved to the local drive as a text file? Seriously -- that would create incredible value for me. Just a little button at the bottom of the results box that saved the contents to a local txt file… My mind is reeling at the possibilities!

Hi @john-jack!

That’s a great idea 🙂 I just created a feature request for that and added your vote for it — thanks for the suggestion!

Would it be possible to send the selected text as additional parameter to the Zap?
Being able to do this would be a huge game changer.

I totally agree @DanielF! :)

We’ve got a feature request for the ability to send over the selected text, so I’ve added your vote for that. I don’t have an ETA on when it would be implemented but we’ll be sure to let you know by email as soon as it is! 

awesome feature!