Notes by Zapier is here!

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Notes by Zapier is here!

Hi folks 👋🏽 Excited to tell you about our new Notes functionality that we recently released!

With Notes, you can now add, view, and edit notes for your Zap and Zap steps. What’s more, you can use the power of AI to automatically generate a note about your Zap, instantly! ⚡️


⚡️Why is this important? 

Add notes to your Zap or Zap steps to: 

  • Help you understand how and why you’ve built the Zap to pick up where you left off. That way you can focus on building your Zaps, not needing to remember the finer details about how they work!  
  • Collaborate with teammates on automation by providing them with the context they need to understand and build on your Zaps. This will help you unlock the power of automation across your team. 
  • Troubleshoot your Zaps faster when they break and you need to make tweaks. By having the context of the Zap and its steps at your fingertips, you can quickly get to the heart of the problem and identify the solutions needed. 

⚡️Here’s what the experience will look like: 

Creating a Zap note and using AI: 


Creating a step note:


We’re excited for you to give this feature a whirl! Notes makes it easier for you to build Zaps, remember the context and rationale for how you built them, collaborate with teammates, troubleshoot with ease, and use AI to move even faster! 🙌🏽


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