New Zap advanced setting: polling intervals

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New Zap advanced setting: polling intervals

Polling Intervals gives you control on the frequency of how often a polling trigger fetches new data. Polling Intervals gives you more control over your automations, helping you save resources, avoid overloading your apps, and ensure better data management.

NOTE: Users on Company plans will see a new option in Zap Advanced Settings for configuring Polling intervals (for polling triggers only). If you'd like to upgrade your plan click here.

Most Relevant For…

  • Zap Builders who are creating complex automations with polling triggers, and who are looking for greater control over them
  • Users connecting to APIs and who want to limit API calls during their Zaps

How It Helps

  • Save resources: By controlling polling intervals, you can better manage your monthly tasks, ensuring you tailor your Zaps to meet your company’s needs and requirements.
  • Prevent overloading apps: Adjusting polling frequency helps avoid exceeding API limits, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted automations, and no surprise overage charges.
  • Adapt to unique processes: Customize polling intervals to match the specific requirements of your business-critical processes means Zapier can adapt to your company’s unique needs.

Possible Use Cases

  • Manage API quotas efficiently: Customers who want to prevent excessive API requests, ensuring that their automations run smoothly without exceeding limits or disrupting app functionality.
  • Accommodate long-running processes: Users who need to adjust polling intervals to give systems enough time to complete complex or time-consuming processes before triggering the next step in the Zap.

How It Works

In Advanced Settings users can choose from a dropdown called Polling intervals. This dropdown has options between 1 to 15 minutes.


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