New triggers, actions & features - January 2024

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New triggers, actions & features - January 2024

In January, we had 243 updates across 141 apps.

We're excited to share a fresh batch of updates and enhancements across a variety of Zapier integrations. These improvements aim to refine your automation workflows, enabling more profound insights and making your processes more efficient. From enhanced subscriber management in Stripe to advanced ad performance analysis in YouTube, these updates cater to nearly all Zapier users. 

With over 15 new actions that simplify tasks like creating listings on eBay, 10+ new triggers designed to keep you informed about key activities across platforms like Twilio and Klaviyo, and several feature enhancements that improve functionality in apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, this update is packed with opportunities to enhance your automation setup.

Our team has worked hard to ensure these new features and updates meet your diverse needs by enhancing functionality, efficiency, and customization capabilities across various apps. Below, you'll find a summary of what's new:

  • Asana: Enhance task details with new fields in task updates.
  • Decision Vault: Capture more data for automation with additional fields.
  • Discord: Improve user search accuracy with the a new find user field.
  • DocuSign: Facilitate agreements with multiple parties through multi-signature support.
  • Drupal: Track content engagement effectively with downloaded content triggers.
  • eBay: Simplify online listing creation.
  • Excel: Enhance data entry efficiency by adding multiple rows.
  • Google Ads: Enable tracking for new conversion types with WBRAID & GBRAID support.
  • Google Calendar: Add functionality for event attachments.
  • Google Drive: Monitor file activity with a new trigger for downloaded files.
  • Google Tasks: Improve task retrieval flexibility.
  • Gravity Forms: Support site localization efforts with WordPress Multilingual Plugin.
  • Jobadder: Enhance candidate management process by easily deleting candidates.
  • JustCall: Optimize contact search in campaigns.
  • Klaviyo: Get notified about new subscribers with a trigger for new additions to your account.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Expand Zapier integration capabilities with Custom Actions.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Experience enhanced email management with the new message in folder trigger, allowing for detailed organization and notification based on folder selection, including the "Sent" folder.
  • Pipedrive: Broaden activity tracking details with new fields.
  • QuickBooks: Streamline payment processing with a new action to generate payment links.
  • Salesforce: Automate complex business processes with a new action to run action plans.
  • SendGrid: Offer greater workflow customization with enabled Custom Actions.
  • SNS: Enhance subscription verification.
  • Square: Improve payment transaction details with a new email field.
  • Stripe: Streamline subscriber management with an easy way to cancel subscriptions. Also, various updates including new ways to manage subscriptions and detailed financial tracking.
  • Twilio: Enable long-duration recording alerts.
  • YouTube: Support in-depth ad performance analysis with new reporting metrics.

These updates are rolling out and will be available to all our users. We're excited to see how these enhancements will support your automation goals and streamline your tasks. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy automating!

Zap away!
-Nick Dowdle, Product Marketing

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