New: Audit log for Team & Company plans

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New: Audit log for Team & Company plans

TL;DR: Account owners and Super Admins can see at a glance when Zaps across your account are created, edited, turned on/off, or when owners are changed. 

Starting today, Owners on Team accounts and Owners & Super Admins on Company accounts will be able to view their account activity for key Zap updates in the new Audit Log!

Why did we build this?

The Audit Log builds off our past work on Super Admin (providing full visibility over an account). We heard feedback from users, saying that in addition to seeing all the Zaps and task history of their account, they want to better understand the activity taking place by the members in their account.

This is where the Audit Log comes in!

The Audit Log allows these administrators to monitor business-critical Zaps by tracking what Zaps were changed, who changed them, and when. By visualizing activity in an easy-to-digest log, companies with multiple employees have more transparency and accountability to build and scale fearlessly.

Here’s what that looks like for you:


On the Audit Log page in your account settings, each log entry includes the following information:

  • Item: the Zapier product, like Zaps, where the action occurred.
  • Action: a summary of the account activity that was performed.
  • Details: a description of the action that was performed.
  • Performed by: the actor who performed the action. When Zapier performs the action, the performer is “Zapier System”.
  • Date and time: the timestamp when the action occurred.

The Audit Log displays the following actions in your account:

  • Created: when the Zap was first made.
  • Turned on: when the Zap was toggled on with the existing version.
  • Turned off: when a Zap was turned off.
  • Published: when a new version of the Zap was published.
  • Ownership changed: when ownership of a Zap was changed.
  • Deleted: when a Zap was moved to the trash.
  • Restored: when a Zap was restored from the trash.

Let us know what you think!

If you use this new feature please give us some feedback 🙂 What do you love? What’s missing? What could be improved?

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