Improvements to the Asana app (one of them is HUGE)

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Improvements to the Asana app (one of them is HUGE)

Hey Zappers!

I’m pleased to announce some awesome updates to the Asana app that may have snuck past you. I won’t bury the lede...

New Action: Create Project from Template

This one was the most-requested feature, by quite a long shot. Your patience has been appreciated 🙂 No workarounds necessary anymore. It’s here!

New Action: Create Duplicate Task

This feature wasn’t requested by nearly as many people, but it’s a useful one nonetheless! You can now duplicate an existing task (which includes its subtasks).

Bug Fix: ‘The Result is Too Large’ Errors

If you’ve got a lot of data in your Asana account, like we do at Zapier, you may have run into this pesky bug. It affected:

  • Trigger: Tag Added to Task
  • Search: Find User
  • Setting Up: Project, assignee, and task dropdowns when setting up Zaps

You should no longer be experiencing this problem!

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