Here are 243 different ways Zapier got better in January 2024

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Here are 243 different ways Zapier got better in January 2024

It was a monumental month for improving Zapier.

At Zapier, we're committed to improving your experience. And when apps and Zaps become more reliable, responsive, and secure, we know we've made an improvement worth sharing. 

Every step forward, solution, and valuable addition released in January 2024 was driven by your feedback, evolving technologies, and Zapier's vision to streamline your work. An app, no matter how good, can always be better. January was about making the best even better.

Here's how we got to 243:

  • We added 100 new features. These are innovations driven by you, whether it was simplifying a task, or adding something new to improve a most critical workflow. From automation to integration, these 100 new features are all about making your life easier.
  • We fixed 143 bugs. Every bug we fixed in January means a smoother experience for our users. It's not just about fixing what's broken—it's about ensuring that our platform remains robust and reliable.
  • Overall, we improved 141 apps in January 2024, as many recieved new features and saw bugs fixed.

The top categories that got better in January 2024

  • Customer Relationship Management tools are about more than just managing contacts. As the name says, they're about relationships. Updates to CRM platforms like Salesforce and NationBuilder ensure your team can nurture relationships effortlessly.
  • Marketing automation is the linchpin of a successful campaign. Our updates in January to Hubspot, Klaviyo, Pardot, and ClickFunnels Classic were designed to ensure marketers could easily create, execute, and track campaigns with precision. (Keep reading for more updates on Klaviyo.)
  • Databases are the unsung heroes of business. Our database updates were all about the need for speed, efficiency, and reliability. This is especially true for BigQuery, which launched in 2023, and Airtable, which has experienced consistent integration updates since its launch. Whether you're storing data or retrieving it, our integrations ensure it's a breeze.

App Spotlight: Klaviyo leads the charge in email marketing

We're shining the light on Klaviyo because, over the past six months, Zapier's integration with this marketing automation platform has experienced a surge of important updates. 

Months of continuous improvement to Klaviyo

From September 2023 to January 2024, we worked hard to refine Klaviyo's integration by simplifying audience segmentation, enhancing email templates, and introducing new automation triggers. Every update we've made has been to ensure Klaviyo remains the best in class.

The newest, most-used Klaviyo triggers & actions

The latest additions to Klaviyo's arsenal of triggers and actions are all about more powerful workflows:

  • Remove subscriber from list is a game-changer for businesses that value data hygiene.
  • Subscriber added to segment or list allows for dynamic audience management.
  • New subscriber ensures you never miss a beat when someone new joins your community.

App Spotlight: Microsoft Outlook—more than just email

Microsoft Outlook is more than email: it’s been the go-to for professionals worldwide because of its holistic approach to productivity. With calendar integrations, task management, and seamless contact synchronization, it's a tool that has many uses.

Improvements over time

From April 2022 to January 2024, our integration with Microsoft Outlook has evolved to meet the demands of a modern professional. We've introduced features that make email management a breeze, calendar scheduling intuitive, and task tracking effortless.

Most used new triggers & actions

Our January updates introduced triggers and actions that redefine email management:

  • "New method in folder" offers a dynamic way to organize emails, ensuring you never miss out on critical communications. 
  • "New attachment" simplifies document management, ensuring you always have the correct files at your fingertips.

Zapier helps you get more from Klaviyo and Outlook

We've just explored how Klaviyo and Microsoft Outlook have received major improvements over the last few months. Before we move on, we wanted to briefly shine a light on how each of these platforms work even better together as a result of Zapier's integration improvements.

Klaviyo and Microsoft Outlook can now create even more refined campaigns

When you pair Klaviyo's robust email marketing capabilities with Microsoft Outlook, magic happens. Imagine segmenting your Klaviyo audience based on their interactions with your Outlook emails or automating follow-up campaigns based on email opens and clicks. The use cases are unlimited, folks.

Microsoft Outlook and Klaviyo can be a busier hub for your messaging

When integrated with tools like Klaviyo, Microsoft Outlook becomes more than just an email client. It transforms into a productivity hub where communication meets action. Whether it's following up on leads, scheduling marketing campaigns, or tracking customer interactions, Microsoft Outlook's integrations ensure you're always on top of your game.

Stepping forward with confidence

Zapier's work is characterized by its continuous evolution and a deep commitment to improving the quality of our integrations with more than 6,000 apps.

Our recent advancements with Klaviyo and Microsoft Outlook are just a sampling of our broader mission to empower businesses with integrations that transform how they work. 

Our work is fueled by your feedback, inspired by your success stories, and driven by the possibilities that lie ahead. Here's to a future of seamless integrations, innovative features, and a partnership that grows stronger with each passing day.

Until our next update—happy Zapping!

-Nick Dowdle, Product Marketer

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