Google Ads are even better now with Zapier!

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Google Ads are even better now with Zapier!

Hey Everyone! 👋

Reid here from the Zapier partnerships team! I work with all of our advertising partners like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to make sure Zapier is the best solution out there to automate your advertising. 

I’m excited to share that Zapier is now discoverable right within Google Ads! This is part of a new feature that Google built which allows you to control which apps can upload data to your Google Ads account. 

To check it out, you can now go to the Linked Accounts section of your Google Account and connect Zapier! 



Zapier’s Google Ads integration supports 4 different use cases today to help you make the most of your advertising on Google: 



I’d love to hear your feedback on either our updated Google Ads integration or the new flow from within Google Ads to connect Zapier. I’m all ears for things it does well, what it could do better, or new things we should be thinking about! 

Please leave your comments here and I’ll do my best to reply to everyone! 



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