Drag & drop Zaps into folders

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Drag & drop Zaps into folders

Today we’re launching a quality-of-life improvement that we hope will make your Zap management experience a little smoother.

You can now drag and drop your Zaps into folders. You may have assumed that this was already possible, and you’d just not tried it yourself. But prior to this update, here is how you would bulk-move Zaps into a folder.

Before: Moving Zaps via the User Interface


It does the job, and you still can do it this way if you’d prefer to.

New: Drag & Drop for the Win

Personally, I’d rather do it this way, by dragging and dropping:


Are you a dragger or a clicker?

Will you be using this feature or are you fine clicking a couple of extra times?

I noticed your product demo GIF for the new release doesn’t work. So I made a quick interactive version for people to check it out :) 

Great work on the new UX, it feels great!

@tomdy Smart product placement ;-)

Thanks @jphorn! Love a practical product demo 😁

@tomdy Thanks for the heads up. Fixed the GIF :)

And yeah, that’s a clever way to show off the tool. I’ll allow it, since it was in the spirit of being helpful 😄