Code by Zapier Run-Time Increase

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Code by Zapier Run-Time Increase

Our Latest Update

Code by Zapier is currently our 12th most used app utilized by automation heroes with our Professional, Team, and Company plans being within the top 85% of users. We understand that these users tend to have bigger and more task intensive workflows. With the previous timeout period being 10 seconds leading to time outs and errors, it’s lead us to believe you need more time.

After receiving feedback from some amazing Zappers, we’ve updated the processing timeout period to 30 seconds for all Professional, Team, and Company accounts! The extra 20 seconds will eliminates potential blocks due to time, and allows you to create more complex workflows.

Key Details

Take a look at the breakdown below:


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Hi @chanelle 

In the screenshot it think the instances of “class” is supposed to be “calls”.

Would love to see the time limit increased on Code by Zapier. I have code that takes a little over 60 seconds because it goes through formatting and various calculations.


One option to try is to use ChatGPT to see if the code can be optimized to process faster.

@Troy Tessalone thanks for the suggestion but ChatGPT make the code :)