AI-powered Zap Builder: Create a Zap using plain English

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AI-powered Zap Builder: Create a Zap using plain English

What if I said you can build powerful Zaps using plain English and automate workflows in seconds? No code, no sweat. Simply describe what you want to automate, and we’ll draft a Zap that you can customize to your heart's content.

Create a Zap faster than ever

Simply write a sentence about what you need and we'll use a little AI magic to generate a draft Zap for you in seconds. 

All you have to do is polish

Once your Zap steps are in place, simply connect your accounts, map your fields, and hit publish.

Take the guesswork out of what steps to select

With 5,000+ apps to choose from and various actions for each app, finding the right steps can be tedious. Now, Zapier can do it for you.

How it Works

  • Access the AI Zap Builder right from the dashboard or from inside the Editor.
  • In the text box, write a sentence about what you want to automate:

💡 Need some inspiration? Click “Show more examples” to see example prompts.

  • Click “Generate.” The Zap will take a few seconds to load:


  • A mockup of your Zap will appear below.
    • Like what you see? Click “Try it” to tweak your Zap to perfection in the editor and publish it. 
    • Not what you’re looking for? Edit your original prompt and click “Try again.”

We Want to Hear from You!

What do you think of this feature? Did it work well for you? Did you find some cool use cases that had previously eluded you? 

You can submit your feedback directly to the Zapier team:


I love this! Is there a way I can learn how to do this as a developer?

is zapier down?  I can’t log in.

I love this! Is there a way I can learn how to do this as a developer?


Not that I’ll have the precise answer, but what’s the “this” in “do this”? With Zapier or in some different capacity?

is zapier down?  I can’t log in.


Doesn’t appear to be down as far as I can see. if you’re continuing to have issues I’d suggest contacting our Support team or creating a new topic in the Community. 

EDIT: it appears there is/was an issue. You can follow updates here:

Folks in this thread saying they can log in again:


I must be missing something but I cannot see how to access the AI Zap Builder either of the following ways; “from the dashboard or from inside the Editor.”  Can the support team provide screenshots exactly where to look?  I am on a paid plan.

Is this available worldwide? I can’t get it to appear in the dashboard here in Australia

Hey, thanks for asking @dannypage!

The dashboard should be the “homepage”  or the first thing you see when you first login to your account. If you hover over the bar to the left it will expand and you can see the labels:

Also from that same area there’s a “Create Zap” button:

Once clicked it should navigate to the Editor and the same text box should be shown at the very top.

If you’re not seeing any of this though, it might be worth trying to clear your browsing history.
I hope some of this helps!