8 improvements we've made to your My Apps page

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8 improvements we've made to your My Apps page

Hi There! 

Caleb Gonzalez here again with more updates we’ve made to the My Apps experience.

I talked about some updates that we made a month ago:

 And now we have even more updates!


1. My Apps list statistics

On the My Apps page, you can see the number of members who own a Zap using that app, the number of connections for the app, and the number of Zaps using the app. image alt text

2. App Recommendations

When searching for an app on the My Apps list, we run a search on our public apps and ask if you want to add a connection based on the search. This is helpful if the My Apps page searches for an App that you don’t have a connection to. image alt text

3. Need Attention flag on the My Apps List

We added a flag to the My Apps page to notify you if an app has an auth that needs to be reconnected. image alt text


4. Custom integration types

We’ve added more context to the Custom Integrations section so you can better understand what type of integration it is. image alt text

5. Admins and Owners on Team and Companies accounts can see all connections regardless if they are shared or private.

On the connections tab, Admins and Owners have access to a Private Connections section. This section will show all of the connections that they don’t own, nor are shared with them.


6. Test All button

This is a button that will test all of the connections at once instead of requiring you go through each one individually to test.


7. More Filters!

  • Last Changed Filter: Zaps that were modified in a certain time period.
  • Zap status Filter: Zaps that are turned off, on or Draft (never turned on).
  • Apps used Filter: Zaps who are using another app in tandem with the app that is currently selected.


8. App Connection transfer

(Only on Team and Company accounts) You can now transfer ownership of App Connections. This is helpful if a member is leaving the account and needs to transfer ownership, to keep their Zaps running.



We’ve released these updates to all users! If you have any feedback or notice any bugs please write in to support, and we'll get things situated. We love all feedback and suggestions, so please let us know your thoughts.

Please let me know if you need any additional info or have further questions, we're always happy to help!



Thanks for the update! These are super helpful!

REQUEST: High level filter for apps with issues

Location: https://zapier.com/app/connections


REQUEST: High level filter for apps with issues

Location: https://zapier.com/app/connections


Great ask! I’ll send this over to the team.