Zapier's newest apps & what they do

Zapier's newest apps & what they do
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Get ready to level up your productivity and simplify your life with some awesome new apps. ūüôĆ Whether you need a note-taking app, a calendar app,¬†an eCommerce tool, or help with marketing, we've got you covered.¬†These apps are game-changers, so get ready to revolutionize how you work and connect. Let's dive in!

Reflect -

Reflect is a handy app for taking notes that helps you remember and organize your ideas, favorite books, and important meetings. With Reflect, you can easily jot down your thoughts, attach labels for easy sorting, and connect related notes to form a personal knowledge map. It also allows you to collaborate, share your notes, and stay updated on your development.

Zcal - 

Zcal is a user-friendly calendar app designed to keep you on top of your schedule. It allows you to effortlessly create and handle multiple calendars, personalize calendar links, receive introductions from people, and even include personalized videos. Zcal alleviates the stress of double-booking, again!

Elfsite -

Elfsight simplifies the process of adding various forms and social plugins to your website. Elfsight has the power to enhance your website's functionality and engage with your visitors meaningfully.

Ocoya - 

Ocoya is an AI-powered tool that speeds up the process of creating and planning content. It enables you to effortlessly generate marketing text for various platforms like social media posts, blogs, hashtags, social images, and captions with precision and efficiency. With Ocoya, you can save time while producing engaging content for your online presence.

Webinaris - 

Webinaris is a comprehensive platform for hosting both live and pre-recorded webinars, specifically designed to support your marketing efforts. It offers automation features for sales calls, allows for active participation from your audience, and helps you improve the overall quality of your webinars. Webinaris helps you streamline your webinar processes and deliver more impactful customer presentations.

Ninetailed - 

Ninetailed is a marketing automation tool that helps you transform customer information and content data into smart, personalized experiences. It offers experimentation and personalization API that allow you to efficiently build, deploy, manage, test, and optimize content across your website. With Ninetailed, you can create engaging and tailored experiences for your visitors with ease.


Explodely is a powerful eCommerce tool that helps you boost your sales and increase your earnings. It provides you with an advanced platform to effectively handle a wide range of partnerships and optimize your conversion rates. Using Explodely, you’ll have the tools to maximize your online business success.

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