What would you like to never copy and paste again?

  • 25 November 2020
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What would you like to never copy and paste again?
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Hey, folks! Janine here, one of the editors for the Zapier blog. We just published a piece about how to use automation to cut off the copy-paste tasks you do over and over again.

A personal story on this: I volunteer with a local theater company, and one of the jobs I do for them is put together their programs. Everyone in the cast and crew would email me answers to a set of questions, and then I would copy and paste information to update bios in the program for the latest show. When I started using Zapier, I realized I could stop a lot of that copy/paste process. I set up a Google Forms to Google Docs Zap, and dropped answers to specific questions in the skeleton of a bio. I still have to copy each of those bios into the final document, but now I’m just tweaking a few words rather than copying over lots of info (or retyping answers0. 

Whether it’s copying files, copying notes, copying information, or sending information between two apps, Zapier can help. 

Let us know: What would you like to stop copying-and-pasting? Or, how have you used automation to get rid of tasks like that?

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