What is Email by Zapier—and how do you use it?

  • 28 April 2021
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What is Email by Zapier—and how do you use it?
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Hello, community folks! I’m one of the managing editors of the Zapier blog. We recently published a guide to Email by Zapier, one of our built-in tools that helps you create Zaps to solve some tricky problems at work.

It’s sometimes easier to start with what Email by Zapier isn’t. It’s not a traditional email app. But, as writer Krystina Martinez says, it “tackles three of the most annoying email tasks:

  • inbox clutter
  • team notifications
  • and routine responses”

Learn about how to take advantage of these features so you can send automated emails based on activity in another app, collect and share messages, and send email clutter to a separate spot you can check later.

Email by Zapier: A guide to putting your email to work, automatically


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