Use automation to put your contact form to work

  • 29 July 2020
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Use automation to put your contact form to work
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Hi, folks!

Janine here, one of the managing editors on the blog, dropping in to share an article with you on some ways to use automation to grow your business. Today’s focus: Contact forms.

These are important tools. They let you gather leads and get feedback. That kind of information is crucial for your business, by bringing in new customers or clients and making sure you know what your customers want or need from you.  

We wrote about three ways that automation can help you leverage the insight you gather from your forms to grow your business by:

  • Making follow-ups instant so warm leads stay warm
  • Adding customers to your CRM without data entry so you and your team focus on the customers, not on updating your database
  • Putting user feedback where you can use it so you keep customers in mind as you plan new features and offerings

Head to our blog post to learn more and find some pre-selected Zaps you can use to get started.

3 replies

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Once survey data is collected I like to draw charts and present those back to the people submitting them.  If the data goes into a Google sheet, for example, a Goolge chart could be updates and the summary data delivered back by email as an image or live chart link.

If you use a delay timer in the zap all contributors could be emails the final chart when the survey closes.


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Oh, that’s an interesting idea, @Davidh88 ! Thanks so much for sharing. 

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Thanks so much for sharing. Very usefull information for me!